Culture That Makes Culture Makers.

The Verathon academic model is influenced by Classical Education and the work of Charlotte Mason in the sense that we are intent on shaping character, and on instilling wisdom and virtue in students. We study the greatest minds and ideas of history, emphasize the full exploration of a students strengths and weaknesses over standardized testing, and understand knowledge must be put into practice to develop mastery. We encourage students to see the interconnectedness of knowledge, and to value education as a means by which to enrich their own lives and the lives of others – while moving from dependent to provider in society.

We believe technology in its proper place and at the proper time enhances the educational experience by allowing for personalized learning, connecting students with research and granting access to global resources–people, places, experiences, and content–that would otherwise be inaccessible. Technology solutions help bring the world of information to students, while the Small Group Learning model enabled through Edefy takes education beyond the walls of “school-as-usual”. SGL creates a closely knit peer environment for synthesizing information together, and through discussion, firmly embedding new layers in a latticework of mental models.